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SS-18 "Kurukshetra Brahmastra War" hardback CD

Image of SS-18 "Kurukshetra Brahmastra War" hardback CD


Untamed Russian Nuclear Black Metal division SS-18 is back with 4th full-length opus, this time entirely dedicated to weapons of mass destruction and diseases depicted in Mahabharata epos. Expect no fancy quasi-esoteric "hali-gali" bullshit and pseudo-ethnic melodism - "KBW" is easily the most brutal and merciless bands output to date! Imagine Ganesha raped apart with intercontinental missile - that would be the most proper description of the music Sadist & Co effuse upon the blood-thirsty audience. Insane drumming, down-tuned guitars varying from dense massacre to epic low-tempo passages are traditionally flavoured with a bit of industrial spice, thus making a complex dish for a thoughtful gourmet!

Released as exclusive 6-panel hardback CD ltd. to 418 h/n copies.

Artwork & layout by Horth.