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Panteon "Quasar" A5 hardback CD

Image of Panteon "Quasar" A5 hardback CD


Back in 2009 T.S.K! started a special line of releases dedicated to exhuming the unknown and forgotten relics of obscure Russian underground of the past. The first release under "Nekrokvlt Series" was "Septum" - one of the few unreleased albums by Moscow-based PANTEON which existed between 1997 and 2002 in total isolation from the established "scene" and modern virtual reality RPG reel-dances. Since everything significant in relation to the band was described enough within "Septum" CD booklet, we have nothing but to bring this sad piece of news: the next black jewel of lo-fi garage Black Metal Art is OUT NOW! Pull on the diapers and behold -

(the trve) PANTEON "Quasar":

1. The Return [05:11]
2. Abode of Black Glaciers [05:42]
3. Elements of Evil [04:09]
4. Evil Eternal, Darkness Endless [04:23]
5. And Dead Rise Up [04:33]
6. Frostgust [05:36]
7. Into the Obscure [05:02]
8. When Come Armageddon [03:18]
9. Demonistic Ceremony of the Dead [05:05]
10. Battlestorm [03:49]
11. Winter Night [04:49]
12. The Fog [05:09]
13. Mesmerizing Voices of Winter Wood Sorcery [03:52]

This incinerating outburst of cellar wrath is shaped as noble gold-printed A5 hardback CD limited to 266 h/n units.

-NKS CD 05-