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Niezgal "Stogn ź niebyćcia" digipak CD

Image of Niezgal "Stogn ź niebyćcia" digipak CD


Today, on December 30th, 3 years ago, Stogn - the guitarist & front-man of Belorussian punishers NIEZGAL - has gone to Hell by his own hands. After few years of gossips and speculations about the band status Niemaracz Clan and their recently born new label Handful of Hate are gloated to unleash "Stogn ź niebyćcia" - the last full-length of the truly Dead Band! Fortunately, only very few individuals were aware that before committing suicide Stogn left draft guitar recordings for upcoming NIEZGAL album! After 3 years of insane sound-engineering and recording work done by P.Z. (bass, lyrics) and guest members from Niemaracz, the bands true epitaph is now complete! Beware: 100% of guitar parts on this opus were recorded by Stogn himself! The rest of recording was finished during Samhain 2018 a.b. in Niemaracz Den. OUT NOW! & oFFFicially distributed by T.S.K! Listen -

ACHTUNG! Item will be shipping on January 4th (2019 a.b.)!

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