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Latanu "Čorny Manalit" digisleeve CD

Image of Latanu "Čorny Manalit" digisleeve CD


Cursing from Minsk, LATANU is formed by members of such acts as NIEZGAL (RIP), PESTILENTIA and RITE OF DARKNESS (RIP). Debut opus consists of 6 tracks of fierce Black Metal mainly recorded in garage conditions. However, material was masterfully mixed by Sadist (SS-18, DEATHMOOR, MISANTHROPIC ART, LASHBLOOD etc.), thus resulting ideal balance between rawness and power of the final result.


Nihilation - vocals
Plague666 - drums
P.Z. - guitars, bass

Released as original 6-panel digisleeve CD ltd. to 333 h/n copies.

LATANU "Black Monolith"

I. Latanu
II. Pandemic of Death
III. Penance of Decay
IV. Black Monolith
V. Asp Coronation
VI. March Into the Void