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Genuflexión "Apoteosis Fallida" digipak CD

Image of Genuflexión "Apoteosis Fallida" digipak CD


Closing of the year won't be so bright without one more unexpected beast from Handful of Hate label, namely the second full-length album from Argentinian true Black Metal visionaries GENUFLEXIÓN "Apoteosis Fallida"! The band formed by the members of elite acts such as GEVURAHEL, GRIMA MORSTUA, ESPIRITISMO etc. presents another master-work of purely Religious Music, absolutely not typical for the western interpretation of the genre. Their debut work "Animal Religioso" released in 2016 has attracted attention of sophisticated adepts and logically stayed unmentioned by herd of degenerates, which consists of the average auditory of what's mistakenly labeled as "black metal" these days. However, we're glad & proud to give the minority of adequate ones to take communion from the pristine stream of deeply underground, spiritual Black Art! OUT NOW! & oFFFicially distributed by T.S.K! Listen -

ACHTUNG! Item will be shipping on January 4th (2019 a.b.)!